Tony Kimball alk at East.Sun.COM
Thu Mar 13 11:54:17 PST 1997

Quoth Dr S.J. Zara on Thu, 13 March:

: > Quoth lucid at secret.org on Wed, 12 March:
: > : I need cross platform, GUI, and networking... Java is the only thing that
: > : really fits the bill right now. 
: > 
: > C/C++ with TK GUI and BSD socket network API runs everywhere.
: > 
: No it doesn't!  What about the Endian problem?

Byte order is only a problem when you bit-slam data or talk over a
wire, in which case ntohs et filia solve the problem.

: Also, you would have to give out the source code.

This is incorrect.  

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