Kaffe 0.8.3 build on Solaris

Andy Lunness andyl at perihelion.co.uk
Wed Mar 26 09:44:46 PST 1997

  I'm looking to port Kaffe to a new environment. I'm intending to use the
Solaris port as my base reference, so I downloaded and 0.8.3 to my ultrasparc
and attempted a build. The autoconfigure seemed happy enough, though the makefile
for the kaffevm directory seems to miss a -lsocket out leading to unresolved calls
in the shared library. Fixing this allows the build to complete.
  So, I try and run kaffe - and it dies with a seg. fault immediately, I can't even
run kaffe -help or anything. It looks like an OS type problem in linking up the
libraries or something; I don't think we even hit main().
  Have I missed something obvious in the build here? Can anybody help me please with
the Solaris build - I'm itching to get into a port proper!

Andy Lunness
(andyl at perihelion.co.uk)

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