Kaffe 0.8.3 build on Solaris

Gilles Dauphin dauphin at sig.enst.fr
Thu Mar 27 00:34:05 PST 1997

> From andyl at perihelion.co.uk Wed Mar 26 22:36:17 1997
>   Have I missed something obvious in the build here? Can anybody help me please with
> the Solaris build - I'm itching to get into a port proper!

I think i can share work with you in 15 days.
I still have a 0.8.2 Kaffe on Solaris 2.5 with SparcWorks Prof C 4.0
the BISS AWT package work, EPFL package too.

I look at the 0.8.3 in the middle of April. Is it right for you?

Best regards,


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