check that last one...

Olivier Pillon
Thu May 1 00:00:00 PDT 1997

At 19:46 30/04/97 -0700, Michael Thomas wrote:
>  Well, after a lot of diddling around, I checked
>the versions of my tools and I was using gcc-2.7.0
>with binutils-2.5.x. This ended up being the
>problem, though I'm not quite sure which one was
>really at fault -- probably binutils though since
>it seemed suspiciously like a major screwup in the
>shared library handling. It's might be best to put
>a note in the Linux-FAQ about that.
>		Mike

I have the same problem on my Linux. I also use gcc-2.7.0.
How did you solve the problem ? Which release of gcc and/or
binutils and/or libc works fine with Kaffe ?


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