check that last one...

William Chesters williamc at
Thu May 1 10:19:20 PDT 1997

Olivier Pillon writes:
 > I have the same problem on my Linux. I also use gcc-2.7.0.
 > How did you solve the problem ? Which release of gcc and/or
 > binutils and/or libc works fine with Kaffe ?

It works for me with GCC 2.7.2, binutils, libc 5.4.23, ie the
most recent versions of everything.  I think I may also have got the
most recent libdl, but I *think* it was an old binutils that was
messing me up.

This should really be in the FAQ since kaffe is the first program I've
ever come across that exposes whatever the problem is and I know of
several people who have had similar problems.

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