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Wed May 7 19:39:41 PDT 1997

> tools business.  Is there *any* profitable mass-market compiler
> company except Microsoft?  We certainly have no interest in
> being another Borland :-(.  Getting more customers is not a
> great idea if you lose money on most of them.

There is a company called MetroWerks.  They create a graphical compiler
that has cool features include a popup menu for a list of functions and
color syntax highlighting.  The have IDE environments hosted on Macintosh,
WinNT/95, NeXTSTEP, and BeOS.  They support Java, C, C++, Objective C,
Pascal, Rez, and Assembler.  The target environments are Win16, Win32,
MFC, PowerPlant, MacOS and Toolbox, OPENSTEP, BeOS, Sony Playstation, and
different embedded systems and PDAs.  The processors supported are
PPC, MIPS, Motorola, Intel, and Java ByteCode.  There are even cross
compilers that'll allow one to take MacOS source and create OPENSTEP
applications or X/Windows applications in IRIX, AIX, HPUX, Solaris, etc.
There compiler sells for $300 - $600 for a single lincense with 2 free

Some companies just make solutions, while other companies make excuses.

 - joaquin

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