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Fri May 9 21:32:19 PDT 1997

>>>>> "au" == kaffe  <kaffe at> writes:

    au> I've tried with Kaffe 8.4 and the package
    au> but I am getting the following error
    au> at the point where the main window opens :

    au> java.lang.NullPointerException at
    au> biss/awt/kernel/Graphics.drawImage(line unknown, pc 4a366c) at

    au> Has anyone ever got similar messages and perhaps know what's
    au> wrong?  Or if Corel Office for Java is supporter by Kaffe ?

I get this error on all software which attempts to display GIF files.
When I trace it in the debugger, it appears the interface for
ImageProducer is perhaps slightly different between AWT and BissAWT.
I don't really know enough about Biss to be any clearer, but I can
reproduce the effect with any standard JDK demo using GIF or JPEG

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