[Q] explanations on the VM

Eric VINCK (LCN) vinck at info.enserb.u-bordeaux.fr
Mon May 12 13:07:45 PDT 1997

	Hello !

I'm still trying to understand how the kaffevm is working.
I tried to add a field in the slots struct this way :

(file: constants.h)

typedef struct _slots {
	union {
		jint		tint;
		jword		tword;
		jlong		tlong;
		jfloat		tfloat;
		jdouble		tdouble;
		void*		taddr;
		char*		tstr;
	} v;
        unsigned int foo;
} slots;

and it doesn't work any more ! :(
The problem seems to be related with native functions call.

I don't understand how the native method calls are related with the slot 
Anyway, the native methods also use the "slot *" type and it shoudln't cause 
any problem.

Can anyone help me ?

				Thank you !

	Eric VINCK.

	ENSERB - Electronics & Computer Science School - Bordeaux - FRANCE
	email:  vinck at info.enserb.u-bordeaux.fr
		vinck at labri.u-bordeaux.fr


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