[Q] explanations on the virtual machine

Eric VINCK (LCN) vinck at info.enserb.u-bordeaux.fr
Mon May 12 13:15:14 PDT 1997

	Hello (another time) !

I forgot a question on my last mail :

In gc-incremental.h I tried to change the gcInfo struct :

(for remainder it looks like this :
typedef struct _gcInfo {
	unsigned int		size;
	unsigned int		ref;
	struct _gcInfo*		prev;
	struct _gcInfo*		next;
	gcFuncs*		funcs;
	char			colour;
	char			final;
	char			__align__[2];
} gcInfo;

Does someone know what this strange field __align__ is used for ? 

I tried to change this __align__ and it doesn't work any-more :((

	Another time, can someone help me about this ?

	Heeeeeeelp !!

	Eric VINCK.

	ENSERB - Electronics & Computer Science School - Bordeaux - FRANCE
	email:  vinck at info.enserb.u-bordeaux.fr
		vinck at labri.u-bordeaux.fr

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