missing library

Vincent Stoessel vince at digex.net
Wed May 14 15:51:32 PDT 1997

Hi Guys,
I was able to successfully compile
and install Kaffe on a Sparc 5
running SunOs 4.1.4. But when I try to run it
I get 
> ./javac ~/javac/applets/Simple.java
ld.so: libkaffe_vm.so.0: not found
when I check my directory where my libraries are I don't see that

> ls /home/vince/KAFFELIB/lib
libkaffe_agent.so@       libkaffe_native.so.0.84  libkaffe_vm.so@
libkaffe_agent.so.0.84   libkaffe_net.so@         libkaffe_vm.so.0.84
libkaffe_native.so@      libkaffe_net.so.0.84
I'm a newbie, help!
Vincent Stoessel - Business Connectivity Technical Support        
vince at digex.net - 301 847 6548 (direct) -  301 847 6215 (fax)
24-hour Support Line - 301 847 5200

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