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Thu May 15 22:14:09 PDT 1997

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             Per Bothner <bothner at> writes:

>> Is there any reason that the following methods take so long to compile?
>> java/lang/Character.<clinit> -- 4656 ms
>This method is huge - anout 60kB.  When compiling, Kaffe allocates
>a struct per instuction, which ends up eating 10MB.
>Tim is planning on fixing this, but says it is non-trivial.

Here's a really simple kludge which has been known to dramatically
increase performance in similar situations: instead of allocating
the structs individually, allocate them approximately a page at
a time, maintaining your own free list of the things.  malloc()
overhead (both time and space) is evil, so doing it less frequently
is a big win.

If this is already being done, I apologize for the wasted bandwidth.

- Alex

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