kore 0.0.2

Gary Howland gary at systemics.com
Wed May 21 03:37:00 PDT 1997

> The motivation for putting native methods in their own package was so
> that people could modify the classes without having to recompile
> anything.

Isn't this already possible?  Since javah only looks at the native 
declarations, there should be no reason that the rest of the class can't
change, as long as the native declarations stay the same.  Or am I
missing something here?

> > Can't this be "fixed" by subclassing them from a common, private
> > subclass?
> Possibly. I'll think about that.

I would agree that this is a solution, but it does seem a slightly clumsy
way of going about it. (But I don't think there is much choice here).

And on the subject of the kore project - I'd like to offer a cleanroom
implementation of Suns security classes.  I'll be making them available as 
part of another project in the near future.

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