kore 0.0.2

Glynn Clements glynn at sensei.co.uk
Wed May 21 18:28:07 PDT 1997

Artur Biesiadowski wrote:

> > I would imagine that there could be real problems trying to use both,
> > particularly in terms of the inheritance hierarchy vs. package
> > membership. Classes in kore.* would have to be subclasses of the
> > java.* classes, but would actually be in a different package, which
> > might cause problems.
> I don't think that there is big problem with using them both at the same
> time. As long as kore would implement all public/protected fields and
> methods given in specs we can use kore.zip in classpath before classes.zip
> - it will cause kaffe to use classes from kore, if it is not found there
> go to classes.zip. There is no penalty for duplicating class entries in
> diffrent CLASSPATH regions - just the first would be used.

There isn't a problem if the classes in kore.zip belong to java.*
packages. The problem occurs if you try to put them in

kore.lang.Object isn't the same thing as java.lang.Object. All the
classes in the specification inherit from java.* classes.
> For example we could hack out classes needing native support from kore for
> now, test the rest, and if it is working we could add single classes
> without big problem.

That would seem an obvious approach.

Glynn Clements <glynn at sensei.co.uk>

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