kaffe-0.9.0 problem with fonts?

Uri Blumenthal NOSPAM!uri at ibm.net
Wed May 21 18:35:24 PDT 1997

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter C Mehlitz <pm at biss-net.com> writes:

    Peter> Affirmative. I'm currently working on 1.1 compliance of the
    Peter> biss.awt.kernel.....................
    Peter> Problem is to remain 1.0.2 compatible at the same time.

Beg pardon, but who and why needs that obsolete 1.0.2
compliance? Why not 1.0.1? 1.0? 0.9?

After all, 1.1 (well, 1.1.1 to be precise :-) *has* obsoleted
the previous versions.

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