kaffe-0.9.0 problem with fonts?

Peter C. Mehlitz pm at biss-net.com
Wed May 21 01:48:20 PDT 1997

> I attempted to rebuild the biss.awt.kernel classes to work with kaffe 0.9.0,
> but the classes don't implement the new interfaces defined by Java 1.1.1.

> So I think the solution is to sit and wait for a release of Biss-AWT that
> supports Java 1.1.1 in the biss.awt.kernel classes.  (I do think the current
> Biss-AWT non-kernel classes will work with the AWT in Sun's JDK if you use
> the supplied BissPeers.java-1.1 class)

Affirmative. I'm currently working on 1.1 compliance of the biss.awt.kernel,
and it is more difficult compared with the biss.awt package (which mainly
required the BissPeers exchange, an added PSGr method and a removed 0,0 -
position WINDOW_MOVED workaround).

Problem is to remain 1.0.2 compatible at the same time. It seems to require
more and more 'variants' of biss-awt classes (which I don't like). Moreover,
has anybody seen a 1.1 version of JAS already?


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