kaffe-0.9.0 problem with fonts?

Uri Blumenthal NOSPAM!uri at ibm.net
Wed May 21 18:14:19 PDT 1997

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Pick <jim at jimpick.com> writes:

    Jim> I attempted to rebuild the biss.awt.kernel classes to work
    Jim> with kaffe 0.9.0, but the classes don't implement the new
    Jim> interfaces defined by Java 1.1.1.

I see...

    Jim> So I think the solution is to sit and wait for a release of
    Jim> Biss-AWT that supports Java 1.1.1 in the biss.awt.kernel
    Jim> classes.  (I do think the current Biss-AWT non-kernel classes
    Jim> will work with the AWT in Sun's JDK if you use the supplied
    Jim> BissPeers.java-1.1 class)

Well, I certainly can sit and wait for a new release of Biss-AWT,
but I must admit I have no clue what you're talking about wrt.
Biss-AWT non-kernel classes, or BissPeers.java-1.1 class.
How *do* I use them? Please?


-=-=-==-=-=-		uri at ibm.net

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