kore 0.0.2

tullmann at facility.cs.utah.edu tullmann at facility.cs.utah.edu
Thu May 22 13:41:48 PDT 1997

> > > > Can't this be "fixed" by subclassing them from a common, private
> > > > subclass?
> > > 
> > > Possibly. I'll think about that.
> Now I have thought about it, the superclass would have to be public if it's
> to be referenced from both java.net and java.io.
> I was originally planning to put NativeIO in java.io, etc., but it
> would have to be public so that java.net can reference it.

Perhaps if each of the packages had its own native interface class,
java.io will have NativeIO, java.net will have NativeNet, etc.  *and*
duplicate interfaces as necessary.  So, both NativeIO and NativeNet
will have fd_close() functions.  Its then up to the implementor of the
native library to make sure these actually do exactly the same thing.
Since ther'es no state associated with the Native* classes, they're
just groupings for the native interfaces, it shouldn't be too hard.
Some care will have to be taken on the part of the native lib writer,
but this should solve the security problems (the Native classes can be
package private), and should prevent adding hacks to Kaffe to
artifically hide certain class names.

It is a bit of an ugly hack, though.


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