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Tim Wilkinson tim at tjwassoc.co.uk
Thu May 22 15:04:24 PDT 1997

tullmann at facility.cs.utah.edu wrote:
> > > > > Can't this be "fixed" by subclassing them from a common, private
> > > > > subclass?
> > > >
> > > > Possibly. I'll think about that.
> >
> > Now I have thought about it, the superclass would have to be public if it's
> > to be referenced from both java.net and java.io.
> >
> > I was originally planning to put NativeIO in java.io, etc., but it
> > would have to be public so that java.net can reference it.
> Perhaps if each of the packages had its own native interface class,
> java.io will have NativeIO, java.net will have NativeNet, etc.  *and*
> duplicate interfaces as necessary.  So, both NativeIO and NativeNet
> will have fd_close() functions.  Its then up to the implementor of the
> native library to make sure these actually do exactly the same thing.
> Since ther'es no state associated with the Native* classes, they're
> just groupings for the native interfaces, it shouldn't be too hard.
> Some care will have to be taken on the part of the native lib writer,
> but this should solve the security problems (the Native classes can be
> package private), and should prevent adding hacks to Kaffe to
> artifically hide certain class names.
> It is a bit of an ugly hack, though.
> -Pat

To stick my two penneth in, I'm not very much in favour of hacking the
internals of Kaffe around to hide classes and solve unnecssary security
problems - there leadeth the road to ruin me thinks.

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