kaffe 0.9.2: failed assertion in gc-mem.c (NextStep 3.3, m68k)

Rick Innis rdi at interlog.com
Sun Nov 2 13:57:58 PST 1997

I've successfully (?) compiled kaffe 0.92 under NeXTStep 3.3 (m68k). 

Unfortunately on trying to run it I get the following error:

banana-jr% kaffe Test
gc-mem.c:175: failed assertion `(uintp)mem >= (uintp)blk &&  
(uintp)mem < (uintp)blk + gc_pgsize'

I've delved into the debugger and mem is a null pointer (0x0) when  
this happens.

If anyone suggest why this might be happening I'd be extremely  
grateful. (Any kaffe internals documentation out there?)

FYI, here's some details on how I compiled it:
- static libraries and interpreter only (/configure  
--enable-staticlib --with-engine=intrp)
- compiler: gcc
- make: GNU Make version 3.76.1
- I had to remove the -all_load flag from CFLAGS; it was causing a  
link error which I couldn't be bothered tracking down (multiply  
defined entries; there seems to be a clash between the system  
libraries and the gcc ones.)
- hand-linked packages/tjwassoc.co.uk/API*/lib/lib*.a.0.92 ->  
libkaffe_*.a (make linked them to lib*.a, but the build process  
wanted libkaffe_*.a)

Also attached is the stack trace from gdb, if that's of any use to  


(gdb) run Test
Starting program: /usr/local/bin/kaffe Test
gc-mem.c:175: failed assertion `(uintp)mem >= (uintp)blk &&  
(uintp)mem < (uintp)blk + gc_pgsize'

Program received signal 6, IOT trap
0x5007922 in kill ()
(gdb) where
Reading in symbols for gc-mem.c...done.
Reading in symbols for gc.c...done.
Reading in symbols for code.c...done.
Reading in symbols for readClass.c...done.
Reading in symbols for findInJar.c...done.
Reading in symbols for classMethod.c...done.
Reading in symbols for baseClasses.c...done.
Reading in symbols for main.c...done.
#0  0x5007922 in kill ()
#1  0x19857d in ?? ()
#2  0x5056794 in abort ()
#3  0x288ba in __eprintf ()
#4  0x1dba0 in gc_heap_malloc (sz=6) at gc-mem.c:174
#5  0x8ce6 in gc_malloc (size=6, funcs=0x2e0b0) at gc-incremental.c:666
#6  0x2076c in addCode (m=0x17c380, len=18, fp=0x3fff86c) at code.c:45
#7  0x200dc in readAttributes (fp=0x3fff86c, this=0x17c268,  
thing=0x17c380) at readClass.c:138
#8  0x20302 in readMethods (fp=0x3fff86c, this=0x17c268) at  
#9  0x1fcf8 in readClass (classThis=0x17c268, fp=0x3fff86c,  
loader=0x0) at readClass.c:65
#10 0x1ea32 in findClass (class=0x17c268, cname=0x1847a4  
"java/lang/ClassNotFoundException") at findInJar.c:87
#11 0xea6c in processClass (class=0x17c268, tostate=6) at  
#12 0xf3bc in loadClass (name=0x1847a0, loader=0x0) at classMethod.c:456
#13 0xf44c in lookupClass (name=0x3fffa1c  
"java/lang/ClassNotFoundException") at classMethod.c:475
#14 0x4dd6 in execute_java_constructor (ee=0x0, cname=0x29dcc  
"java.lang.ClassNotFoundException", cc=0x0, signature=0x296ca  
"(Ljava/lang/String;)V") at support.c:232
#15 0xeac0 in processClass (class=0x38e30, tostate=6) at classMethod.c:99
#16 0xf414 in loadStaticClass (class=0x38e30, name=0x29a3e  
"java/io/Serializable") at classMethod.c:466
#17 0x9ec8 in initBaseClasses () at baseClasses.c:117
#18 0x9e6c in initialiseKaffe () at baseClasses.c:91
#19 0x3b8a in main (argc=2, argv=0x3fffbb8) at main.c:85

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