Fwd: Kaffe runs(!) under VC++

John D. Gwinner gwinner at northnet.org
Sun Nov 2 18:33:47 PST 1997


> I suspect this has to do with the broken i386/DOS memory models which
> various sized pointers memory segments. I know relatively little about
> but i imagine putting it in a void* forces it to use a 32 bit pointer
> of a 16 bit pointer or something like that.

All modern VC versions are now full 32 bit, and have been for quite a
while.  I quit working with segmented memory models almost three, maybe
four years ago. (which is 28 years in PC years <G>)

I don't think you can get a 16 bit pointer any more.

In addition, under Win32 all memory is a virtual memory address space
thing, where all code lives in it's own address space, although I think
there are some differences between Win95 and WinNT with respect where the
OS mapped DLL's live.  So you have to be careful passing memory references
around processes; COM has routines to take care of that (as well as RPC's
and DCOM) and the subsequent marshaling issues.

> This is called byte-order. it's exactly what you should expect. Kaffe
> presumably dealt with any byte-order dependencies since it already works
> chips of both varieties.

That's why I mentioned the packing and the INT64 macro's a while ago --
they can help some with this.

		== John ==

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