Kaffe runs(!) under VC++

Michael Gesundheit mikeg at rocketmail.com
Mon Nov 3 16:09:52 PST 1997

I clicked reply and it went only to Alexandre but it 
meant to go to the entire list.

I tried to recreate the union problem today so I can
further investigate the issue since I got no reply or
answer from whoever I talked to about the problem that
explained the bug.

I was very surprised to realize that it works!! The 
original code (passing _P_[0].p as parameter) works
just fine. I checked it under debugger. Sorry guys.
I don't know what is going on but it works. Last week
it was a clear problem. I traced it few days and saw
the problem 0(zero) value passed where today the same
code passes the correct value.

The bottom line here is that kaffe is currently 
running fine (to the extent of HelloWorldApp) with the
original code. No major changes. Only small things like
getenv() etc.

I still have an issue with alarm() or SIGALRM not
available on PC. I wonder how anybody else out there 
who built kaffe, with sygnus perhaps, solve this
problem. alarm is required as the heartbit for the 
thread package context switching. I implemented an
alarm simulation with SetTimer() which provides the
exact same functionality as alarm(). Any objections??

Somebody suggested a problem with the "#pragma" thing.
I see for years but never really understood what it is.
Can anybody point me to a reference or explain what it
is. MS Developers Network CDs does not talk about it.



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