Kaffe runs(!) under VC++

tony at magg.net tony at magg.net
Mon Nov 3 17:31:13 PST 1997

 Michael Gesundheit wrote:
> Somebody suggested a problem with the "#pragma" thing.
> I see for years but never really understood what it is.
> Can anybody point me to a reference or explain what it
> is. MS Developers Network CDs does not talk about it.

By default, MS VC++ 5.0 packs structures on 8 byte
boundaries. #pragma pack() can be used to force 4
byte packing, for example.  The better way, IMHO, is
to use Project Settings / C/C++ tab, category Code Generation
and force Struct member alignment to 4 bytes ( 32 bits) instead of 8.

I don't think this has necessarily something to do with union
( unless union is the part of the structure) but it is
probably safer to recompile everything with 32 bit alignment
of data structures.



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