alarm() on PC/MSoft

Michael Gesundheit mikeg at
Mon Nov 3 16:20:53 PST 1997

---"John D. Gwinner" <gwinner at> wrote:
> Michael:
> > Who ever of you out there who built kaffe on PC,
> > sygnus perhaps, I wonder what did you do about
> > I plan on replacing alarm() with SetTimer() which
> > exectly what we need. SIGALRM functionality. You
> > provide time and a callback function and when the
> > time expires the callback func. is called.
> > 
> > Any objections??
> Is there a message pump in the app?  SetTimer, even
with a processor
> callback, won't work without a message loop, I

I'll verify it at the moment I finish this reply but
I clearly read from MS Developers Network CDs that it
is one of the two. Either a message loop in which the 
application gets WM_TIMER message OR a function call
back. If this does not work I don't know what to do.
Some people claim that kaffe works fine under cygnus
build. I hope they tried more then HelloWorldApp. This
does not need any threads.

I'll broadcast my findings.


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