alarm() on PC/MSoft (long)

Michael Gesundheit mikeg at
Tue Nov 4 15:10:10 PST 1997

I need some second opinion from the win32 experts out 
there about my ideas about how to implement SIGALRM
like functionality.

1. Kaffe will run as a thread in a process were a twin
   thread will coexist, in win32 domain, for the
   purpose of waking up every slotTime time and do 
   the context switch between threads. From the kaffe
   thread this is completly async.

2. Have kaffe store its pid in a file. A second 
   process issue SetTimer(). Every time the second
   process wakes up it send a SIGINT to kaffe process
   which will catch the signal and process it if it is
   the alarmException.
   For this option I still didn't find how to send a
   signal from one process to the other. I'm pretty
   sure it does exist. (I was also sure about SetTimer
   being async :))

Any input will be appriciate.


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