alarm() on PC/MSoft (long)

tony at tony at
Tue Nov 4 16:45:35 PST 1997

 Michael Gesundheit wrote:
> I need some second opinion from the win32 experts out 
> there about my ideas about how to implement SIGALRM
> like functionality.
> 1. Kaffe will run as a thread in a process were a twin
>    thread will coexist, in win32 domain, for the
>    purpose of waking up every slotTime time and do 
>    the context switch between threads. From the kaffe
>    thread this is completly async.

Quite aside  any great expertise on my part, it seems
better to use solution 1 instead of solution 2.

Kafe VM should be a single process under Win32.

If you launch some sample Java app with Sun's VM,
then use Process Viewer application, you will see that
only one new process is created - JAVA.EXE.


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