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Thu Nov 6 14:05:54 PST 1997

some bugs which appeared at the first try of kaffe (0.92) on Solaris 2.3:

---- Protocol error
        at java/net/PlainSocketImpl.accept(387)
        at java/net/SbkServerSocket.accept(142)
        at sbk/server/

and/or Bad file number
        at java/net/PlainSocketImpl.close(416)
        at java/net/Socket.close(391)
        at java/net/SbkServerSocket.accept(150)
        at sbk/server/

(SbkServerSocket is the same as ServerSocket, except that it binds only on one interface)

-->     try { answered = listen.accept(); }

after a socket apparently didn't close correctly.


java.lang.InternalError: java.lang.UNIXProcess:run not implemented
        at java/lang/ unknown, pc 1656f0)

-->     P = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd, env);


        at sbk/SendMail.sendMail(54)

public final boolean sendMail(String reply, String recip, String subject, String body) {
-->     return sendMail(null, reply, recip, subject, body);

public boolean sendMail(String mailer, String reply, String recip, String subject, String body) {


It's a HTTP server like application which runs at any JDK from 1.00 to 1.13 now for over
a year. But as JDK1.1x doesn't run on solaris 2.3 (which we must use because of some
other applications) you will understand my interest on alternatives to JDK.
AWT doesn't matter, but sockets and processes do.

If you ask yourself why I'm contacting you using standard mail instead of the bug script
a snipplet from what I get if I try to subscribe to the mailing list:

>To subscribe to kaffe, send the following in the body (not
>the subject line) of an email message to "majordomo@":
>	subscribe kaffe

Now I know it's majordomo, but with a very short domain name ;-(



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