Sun JVM position

Martin Herdieckerhoff mhe at
Thu Nov 13 08:35:13 PST 1997

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Patrick Logan wrote:

>  > An Infoworld article on 11/10 quoted Sun as saying "there is no
>  > need for other JVMs. Theirs will be available on every OS soon."
>  > This was in reply to why they were keeping the certification suite
>  > from companies making their own JVMs...
> To be fair, I believe this statement is addressing only those who
> would otherwise be porting a *Sun* JVM to a platform simply because
> Sun has ignored that platform in the past. I do not believe this is
> addressing those who would be developing a competitive JVM or a JVM
> for some specialty such as real time, orthogonal persistence, etc.

Most likely Sun was addressing M$'s JVM in the first place.
It is the major other JVM, it might split Java, and they want to replace
it with their own new HotSpot VM. It will be available for Windows first
and it will even attach itself to IE4 - many things are possible in Windows.
SunSoft said it would be available in January 98.

-- Martin

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