David Wozmak wozmak at
Sat Nov 15 13:02:48 PST 1997

Please, folks...

refrain from lambasting the hosts or complaining about this listserv
"on-list"...yes, we know you're very knowledgeable about this stuff, but
the appropriate way to respond is to the list owner, not the list.  I'm not
alone in hoping this list carries traffic concerning kaffe and other java
implementations, not gripes about how the list is "broken".

Thank you.

as far as I can tell, there is not a huge resource base behind this
effort...I'm quite sure the listowner is doing the best he/she can,
considering the resources at their disposal.  (oh, gee, I think I'll just
order up another T1...they're cheap, right?)

David Wozmak

>Hi, just a suggestion you're probably already aware of..
>You guys need some more bandwidth for that server. I'm on a low traffic
>T-1 and it feels like I'm downloading from a 28.8
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