core dump

Michael R. Harper mikihasa at
Tue Nov 18 01:07:28 PST 1997

Dear Sir,

I am beginning to believe that Kaffe will be of no use to me if I cannot
get any support.  Do you have a yes/no answer to the note I sent below? 
I have started development of the server side of my application in Perl
due to lack of a response.  I wish I could use Java.


Michael R. Harper

Dear Sir,

My ISP upgraded from BSDI version 2.1 to version 3.1.  After running
make I get the following errors:

mclean1: {7} % kaffe HelloWorldApp.class
Illegal instruction (core dumped)
mclean1: {8} % javac
Illegal instruction - core dumped

Am I out of luck?  Do you have Kaffe for BSDI 3.1?  Any other


Michael R. Harper
home: (352) 335-3044
work: (352) 622-1101 X249

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