confusion wrt AWT

Jean Charles Gregoire gregoire at
Wed Nov 19 11:25:10 PST 1997

I can't reconcile these two statements in the 0.9.1 README

- * This snapshot does *NOT* work with AWT so please don't ask my why
-   appletviewer doesn't run.

-If you want to use graphics you'll need one of the following:
-   AWT graphics support.
-        Alternative graphics support.

Is kaffe-0.9.1 supposed to work with biss graphics awt or not ?
If not, if it to be expected in the short / middle / long term ?

We have simple graphic applications which do not run with sun's jdk 1.1.x
(crash when display is on a non-sun machine). We are seriously considering
forgetting about java altogether, so any help is welcome (yes, sun has been

J-Ch Gregoire

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