Serializable not implemented

Frank Petzold fpetzold at
Thu Nov 20 04:16:05 PST 1997

I wrote a small test class to test Object Serialization in Kaffe. However
the test failed with the following error:

kaffe test
java.lang.InternalError: Serializable interface not implemented
        at java/io/ObjectStreamClass.<init>(line unknown, pc 151250)
        at java/io/ObjectStreamClass.lookup(line unknown, pc 15cf2c)
        at java/io/ObjectOutputStream.outputObject(line unknown, pc
        at java/io/ObjectOutputStream.writeObject(line unknown, pc 10f4d4)
        at test.main(21)

Using "java" instead of "kaffe" worked fine. 

Machine: Sun ULTRA1, SunOS 5.5.1 (Solaris2.5.1).

I want to use kaffe on AmigaOS, and Serialization is why I wanted to use
Java. Does kaffe support Ser. ? It should, claiming to be JDK1.1.4

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