Suggestion for Kaffe patch archive (Was java.lang.reflect...)

Daniel Veillard veillard at
Fri Nov 21 06:23:42 PST 1997

>What about making some snapshot directory, or maybe global repository for
>patches ? This way interested people could check what has/hasn't been
>done, and debug other peoples' stuff between releases.

  This is definitely a good idea, I started one sometime ago on were I did collect and export a few patches
w.r.t. 0.9.2  . 
  I guess we could follow something like the Linux development model
where Tim does the official releases but where volunteers help him
by suggesting and collecting patches. Having some kind of repository
for new patches proved to be helpful. 
  I would volunteer to collect the patches and export them from as long as the patch applies to clean released versions
and that I receive :

  - the patch in contextual diff format. Don't try to send it by mail
    since it's usually a mess to extract patches from mail, download
    them to
  - Then drop me a mail with the associated description and related
    Kaffe version (no 2 pages descriptions please, in that case,
    upload a separate HTML page or give me a WWW link).

  I just hope that it won't be too much work !


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