longjmp environment no longer available

David Baltes dbaltes at skognet.com
Fri Nov 21 11:55:54 PST 1997

Here is some more detailed information, in case you need it.
Patches applied : Both no shared libraries patches, and the jigsaw
OS/Version : BSDI 2.1
Installation was with make install, no changes to paths...
(/usr/local/bin etc.)
It's running on a Pentium 133, 32Megs of Ram.
I installed the latest gcc compiler ( and the latest GNU
Bunutils (2.8.1) and that didn't change anything.
I have installed the JDK classes.zip that is in
kaffe-0.9.2-packages-javasoft.com.tgz filie.
Kaffe compiled with 1 warning, in String.c :

  g -I./../../../../config -c  ./java.lang/String.c
  In file included from ./java.lang/String.c:12:
  ../../../../include/native.h:70: warning: parameter names (without
types) in function declaration

A interesting note : __long64 (or whatever it is) is reported as 0 for
size in ./configure

Any ideas?  Anyone else running BSDI 2.1 on a simmilar system that might
know what I need to do?

David Baltes

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