Luis L. Fernandez luisl at
Tue Oct 14 01:00:43 PDT 1997

Bartlee A. Anderson writes:
 > Luis,
 > I saw a reference to OSkit 5 months ago and its still not available
 > at the site you posted. What's the deal?

You are right, but this site give you a link to the person who is
responsible for OSKit project (Jay Lepreau). If you need the last
version of this library, please contact with him
(lepreau at

Anyway if you have an urgent need I'm going to leave the oskit-0.60
release, the last one I have used, in the site:

Regards from Spain, Bart. If you need something else please, let me


P.S: We have used OSKit to develop a "new" minimal micro-kernel from
the scratch. See "" for more
info about this one. We have reduced the development time for six
months by using this toolkit. In my point, this one is a great effort
to lighten the OS development task.

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