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Thu Oct 16 01:04:36 PDT 1997

>'Simon J. Gerraty' wrote:
>> I've not looked myself, but would it be difficult to modify things so
>> that one learned which method of which class was not found?

>I've made the changes myself, but my local copy of Kaffe is whacked in

Thanks, I've made the appropriate changes and re-installed kaffe
I could not of course get it ti generate that error... :-)
Might have been kaffe-0.8.4 doing that :-(, anyway the patches
seem a neat addition - though I'll need to test what the result
looks like.

The good news is that after getting no where via jserv, I ran:

java sun.servlet.http.HttpServer

with appropriate CLASSPATH (java is my java_wrapper which runs kaffe) 
and using lynx, I can get SnoopServlet running.  
So presumably the problem is related to jserv.
I'll try soem other servlet engines and see how it goes.


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