solaris 2.5 + socket = core dump

James Cooper pixel at
Thu Oct 16 10:46:21 PDT 1997


I'm trying to get Apache's JServ running under kaffe
(  JServ is a runtime environment for servlets
that work with apache.  It doesn't use any native methods of its own.

A little info about my setup:
  Sparc 5 - Solaris 2.5
  kaffe 0.9.1 from the Sun JDK 1.1.2

HelloWorldApp runs fine, as does the javac wrapper, so I was psyched.  I
configured JServ to use the kaffe VM instead of the Sun VM, and fired it

JServ starts up fine, and begins listening on a socket.  However, when an
incoming connection comes in it dumps core.  Here's the stack trace from

(gdb) where
#0  0xef6f4140 in _kill ()
#1  0xef6b965c in abort ()
#2  0xef4a2a1c in java_net_PlainSocketImpl_socketGetOption (this=0x276490, 
    val=15) at ./
#3  0x29f140 in _end ()
#4  0x2a32c4 in _end ()
#5  0x2a7164 in _end ()
#6  0x271cc4 in _end ()
#7  0xef754420 in do_execute_java_method (ee=0xef774528, obj=0x14f058, 
    method_name=0x14f058 "", signature=0xef774528 "()V", mb=0x130890, 
    isStaticCall=0) at support.c:83
#8  0xef751264 in firstStartThread () at thread.c:206
#9  0xef752c30 in reschedule () at thread-internal.c:497
#10 0xc in ?? ()

I know very little about gdb, so that didn't mean much to me, but I
thought it might be helpful to someone here.

I've noticed that other folks on the list are successfully running servers
under kaffe, so I imagine it's something funky with my setup.  If anyone
has any suggestions on how to better diagnose the cause of this problem
I'd be appreciative.


-- James

                              James Paul Cooper
                      Organic Online - pixel at
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