NetBSD-m68k-0.9.1 compile problem

Matthias Hopf (@Home) mshopf at
Sun Oct 26 14:26:23 PST 1997


Matthias wrote:

> Sorry, I don't have a NextStep computer and thus I am not able to help you.
> I only wrote the original m68k-assembler macros (for AmigaOS) which were
> used for the NextStep port. Best ask at the mailing list kaffe at
> (majordomo) for help.

Grrr, should take a look at the header next time I'm replying to a
message... :-]

> Don't know why I stand in NOTES/HELPERS as NeXT porter :-]

This is still correct, though. I thought I should send a message to Tim
after my final exams (tuesday), but then, I can do it immedeately...

Tim, could you please remove me as NeXT porter in NOTES/HELPERS? I'm
repeatedly getting questions about the NeXT port, and I can't help those
folks. I don't know, who's done the NeXT port, either...

I'm still responsible for the Amiga port, though.



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