kaffe for NEXTSTEP, was: Re: NetBSD-m68k-0.9.1 compile problem

Gregor Hoffleit flight at thefly.mathi.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Oct 30 15:18:44 PST 1997

Matthias Hopf wrote:
    > Don't know why I stand in NOTES/HELPERS as NeXT porter [Hier war ursprünglich eine Anlage beigefügt]
    This is still correct, though. I thought I should send a message to Tim
    after my final exams (tuesday), but then, I can do it immedeately...
    Tim, could you please remove me as NeXT porter in NOTES/HELPERS? I'm
    repeatedly getting questions about the NeXT port, and I can't help those
    folks. I don't know, who's done the NeXT port, either...

I browsed my archives and found the following:

- The initial port to NEXTSTEP on m68k was done by Ralf E. Stranzenbach <ralf at reswi.ruhr.de> based on Matthias' Amiga code
- The port to NEXTSTEP on i386 and sparc was done by me (Gregor Hoffleit <flight at mathi.uni-heidelberg.de>) based on resp. code for FreeBSD/Solaris and with help and bugfixes from numerous other people.

Since I seem to be the only one actively working on kaffe for NEXTSTEP nowadays (speak up please!), Tim can feel free to add my name as "Project leader" for Kaffe on NEXTSTEP, i.e. for NOTES/HELPERS:

Gregor Hoffleit <flight at mathi.uni-heidelberg.de>    NEXTSTEP package of Kaffe

Furthermore, KAFFE 0.9.x DOESN'T WORK ON ANY NEXTSTEP platform, it's broken. You might want to add that to NOTES/BUGS or whereever for the next release.


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