Kaffe 0.9.2 on QNX 4.x...?

Robert Bates rbates at iname.com
Tue Oct 28 09:29:49 PST 1997

Has anyone had any more luck getting kaffe 0.9.2 to port to QNX?  I'm about
to go out and sink the $$$ into the QNX devel system, and would like to get
a Java VM up and running ASAP on that platform.  Seeing as how QNX has a
few more months to go on their *own* JVM... ;)

I read the article about getting 0.9.1 to build on QNX, so I'm good at
least up to that point...

Also, are there any mirrors of the gcc port to QNX referenced in the
posting?  I'm having a hard time getting a complete d/l from the France


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