Failed to locate native function: getFontPeer

Yuang Shuang-Luang edward at
Tue Oct 28 10:11:09 PST 1997

>Submitter-Id:  kaffe-user
>Originator: 	Yuang Shuang-Luang
>Priority:	medium
>Class:		sw-bug 

	System: FreeBSD Edward 3.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 3.0-CURRENT #0: Mon Oct 27 18:55:20 CST 1997     edward at Edward:/usr/src/sys/compile/Ed  i386
	Architecture: i386
	Machine: pentium

	Thw X-win version I used is 3.3.1, when I try to run appletviewer,
	it doesn't work and show the following error message:

	Failed to locate native function:
	at java/awt/Font.<init>(119)
	at sun/applet/AppletCopyright.<init>(40)
	at sun/applet/AppletViewer.mainInit(984)
	at sun/applet/AppletViewer.main(993)

	How can I make appletviewer work? Should I set some environment 
	variable to fix it? Thanx...

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