Kaffe bug on PC

Daniel Veillard veillard at rufus.w3.org
Wed Oct 29 08:09:16 PST 1997

>I was able to build kaffe under VC++ 5.0. It does not
>work yet but looks promissing. I have the following
>In initialization time while executing initialization
>of system class the vm gets into nested calls to
>itself situation. In file kaffe.def:
>#if defined(TRANSLATOR) && defined(HAVE_TRAMPOLINE))
>   call(tmp);
>In my configuration the call(tmp) is what compiled
>and, if you look at this macro it is, basicly, calling
>virtualMachine() which again gets back to INVOKESTATIC
>case and like that - forever until the program runs
>out of stack.
>Any clue????

   Not really, did you try to compile the interpreter or the JIT.
BTW I'm very interested in a version of Kaffe in the VC++ environment.
Did you had to patch a lot of things ?


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