Important Kaffe mailing-list informations !

Daniel.Veillard at Daniel.Veillard at
Fri Oct 31 10:10:18 PST 1997

  Hi all,

  This message has important informations about Kaffe
  mailing-list, please consider saving it for later use

Remember, the mailing-list is set-up so that replying to
a message issued from the list goes back to the list.
PLEASE, take care of this !!!

      the mailing list has moved, it's now served by 
               majordomo at

This machine is in MIT domain, Boston, USA.
So to subscribe :

echo "subscribe" | mail majordomo at

to unsubscribe :

echo "unsubscribe" | mail majordomo at

However to send to the list use the kaffe at 
address, it didn't change.

  Don't send unsubscribe messages to the list, use the
         majordomo at for admin message !

 please allow a minimum amount of time for your request to
be processed, especially unsubscribing, because people always
unsubscribe from accounts different from where they are registered
(Murphy's Law applied to mailing list administration).
So I need to do it by hand !

  Considering spams and error messages forwarded to the mailing
list there is nothing (or very few things) I can do to avoid
them, please bear with the state of the art :-\ ... I just can't
fix remote broken SMTP agents. 
  If you have proven known way of improving things I would be
happy to heard from you about it.

      The mailing list has an archives, read them !
      search from :

  I will try to do my best to keep the quality of service to
it's maximum (I guess the delivery speed already improved by a
factor of 10), but this also need help from the people using
the list. Remember that a junk mail sent to it irritate around
600 persons !

  Thank you for having read this message, please keep it,



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