Important Kaffe mailing-list informations !

Michael R Cook mcook at
Fri Oct 31 11:28:06 PST 1997

>>>>> "DV" == Daniel Veillard <Daniel.Veillard at> writes:

 DV> Remember, the mailing-list is set-up so that replying to
 DV> a message issued from the list goes back to the list.

Incidentally, that kind of behavior is generally considered to be
wrong: the list remailer should not be adding the Reply-to header.

In fact, the Gnus mail/news reader has special support for such
mailing lists.  The manual for Gnus says:

|     Elements like `(broken-reply-to . t)' signal that `Reply-To'
|     headers in this group are to be ignored.  This can be useful if
|     you're reading a mailing list group where the listserv has inserted
|     `Reply-To' headers that point back to the listserv itself.  This is
|     broken behavior.  So there!


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