Kaffe Capable Browser?

Gilles Dauphin dauphin at sig.enst.fr
Mon Sep 8 02:07:15 PDT 1997

> From apax at swix.ch Tue Sep  2 12:32:21 1997
> On  1 Sep, Roy Murphy wrote:
> > I picked up Kaffe 0.9.1 & compiled for Linux. I'm impressed. The
> > performance on the SYmantec benchmark was about 3x better with Kaffe
> > than with java from the Linux port of the Sun JDK.
> > 
> > I take it there are no web browsers which will use/can be configured to
> > use Kaffe as the JVM for Java Applets.
> > 
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> > murphy at panix.com \ - High School Detention Proverb
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> > 
> You can try: http://sig.enst.fr/~dauphin/mMosaic/index.html
> It's a derivate of Mosaic 2.7.??, free, and compiles with lesstif.
> It has a beta stage java applet support. You are welcome to improve it,
> I'm sure.

Dear Alex You are right, it is a derivative work from NCSA Mosaic 2.7b4.
We try to integrated Kaffe in the browser.
Olivier Pillon (a student at ENST) wrote a paper about this. Title is:
	How to integrate Kaffe in the mMosaic browser.

This paper is a kind of 'TODO list'. It is available at:
It is in French (Sorry).

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