Kaffe license changes

Tony Juricic tonko at evcom.net
Wed Apr 1 07:55:25 PST 1998

> If Tim and the rest at Transvirtual need to put some features
> exclusively in a proprietary version, well, that is unfortunate for
> the free software community, but it can be difficult to make a living
> from freeware.
> After the release of 0.10, I'm sure that Tim will do the right thing.

I was talking to Tim about embedded systems when we met during JavaOne.
So yes, it would be great if we could all agree on what is the best Real Time
Operating System which is free or GPL free, what is the best target
processor and then let Tim work his ass off to produce corresponding
free Kaffe implementations for those.

But in reality, when it comes to embedded, there are no "standard"
platforms that you can buy off the shelf.

So, willingly-nillingly, there will be some proprietary things to do
that can provide Transvirtual with the source of income, assuming HP,IBM,
ecc. don't get together and say: we are all for free Java! Lets send a dozen
of millions of $ to Transvirtual to help these guys.

Also, Cygnys model of offering GPL software, but a bit more tested and
verified and charging for support, enhancements and bugfixes is not a bad one.
It is impossible otherwise to test Kaffe and optimize it for so many platforms.
Look at the list of platforms that JavaSoft officially supports. That is
basically Win32 and Solaris.

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