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Wed Apr 1 10:23:11 PST 1998

Bertrand Guiheneuf writes:
> My point is the following:
> Including freeware as part of a business strategy is a good thing. Troll tech
> follows this idea with their Qt lib. All seems clean. Everybody knows that
> Qt is not free from the beginning. 
> The situation with kaffe is different.
> I felt like abused when Transvirtual
> announced, after 2 years of freeware developpement, that kaffe would stop
> to be a freeware. The problem would have been completely different if the
> situatiuon had be clear from the beginning. Remember, the www site was
>, not
> What if Linus Torvald decided to stop distribute Linux freely? 
> A lot of companies and public institutes decided to buy PC's because 
> Linux was freeware.
> Changing a license "on the fly" is the best way to
> make sure of a wide-spread diffusion of a software. But it's not fair.
> There is nothing more to argue.

You sound like a fool. Can't you appreciate what you've gotten, for free?

Besides, some people have to work for a living.

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