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Wed Apr 1 10:35:56 PST 1998

Archie Cobbs writes:
> Bertrand Guiheneuf writes:
> > The situation with kaffe is different.
> > I felt like abused when Transvirtual
> > announced, after 2 years of freeware developpement, that kaffe would stop
> > to be a freeware. The problem would have been completely different if the
> > situatiuon had be clear from the beginning. Remember, the www site was
> >, not
> You sound like a fool. Can't you appreciate what you've gotten, for free?
> Besides, some people have to work for a living.

OK, now I sound like a fool :-) I thought this was a personal reply,
but forgot that mail from the kaffe mailing list has the reply-to
address altered.. oh well. Flamage does not belong on mailing lists.

It should be pointed out that kaffe-0.9.2 still remains (and always will)
under the Berkeley license, so it's still "free".


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