Matt Kimball mkimball at
Wed Apr 1 18:47:18 PST 1998

On Wed, Apr 01, 1998 at 06:00:17PM -0800, Michael Thomas wrote:
> Matt Kimball writes:
>  > The thing you're missing is that the creator of the work can change
>  > the license at his or her whim.  It is just other people that can't
>  > change it.
>    The thing that gets tricky is if there are
> modifications that you have rolled into your code
> base. 
>    This is sort of moot if Tim had a BSD-like
> license since that's perfectly valid, but the
> Linux case still seems like it would be well-neigh
> impossible.

You're right.  Linus would old have the rights to change the license
to the code that he actually holds the copyright on.  To change the
license on the whole Linux kernel would require permission from lots
of people.

Matt Kimball
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