Tony Juricic tonko at
Wed Apr 1 19:30:03 PST 1998

Without getting into details, what is the "spirit" of GPL?

My impresion is that it is: people contributing to GPL code, making
improvements to the code and making it available to the others,
rather than just keeping it to themselves, much less making big bucks
on the work of others without ever moving a finger.

How much of GPL code could make one foxy salesman a millionaire?
Depends on the context, depends on the people, right time and right place.

I am almost convinced I know several examples where even "humane"
and "open" companies like JavaSoft make money on licensing a technology
which is old, clumsy and straight based on the lack of in-house expertise.

When this lack of expertise gets branded as Blurplet technology and
requires licensing, patents and "intellectual" property rights, most of
the market falls for it, even if a completely free package, that does almost
exactly the same thing, is available on the next Web site.

GPL is great and the concept of free software is great. Some of us will
keep contributing even when we are 70 years old and have grandgrandkids.
Others will forget it as soon as kid starts crying and some money must
start flowing "in" the family, rather than being freely given "out".

This way or another, in my understanding GPL means: if you can not
contribute at least a bit to it, better stay away from it, much less ask
for free favors.


Uhm, was this a bit rustical?


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