Apache JServ with Kaffe

Hoe-Teck Wee hoeteck at kgr.ddns.org
Tue Aug 4 07:43:08 PDT 1998


I'm trying to get Apache JServ 0.9.11 to work with Kaffe 1.0b on my RedHat 5
Linux system. Apache 1.2.4 compiled successfully with the jserv module, but the
apache's jserv classes failed to compile properly with kaffe. One problem is
that getLocalAddress() is not implemented in Kaffe's java.net. Another is as
follows: JServDebug2.java:69: cyclic inheritance involving class
org.apache.jserv.JServDebug. Line 69 reads:

public final class JServDebug implements JServDebug.DebugConstants {

There is actually no real cyclic inheritance here since JServDebug goes on to
define DebugConstants interface independently of JServDebug.

I tried to amend the source code and managed to get the org.apache.jserv package
to compile successfully, but ended up having lots of various jserv errors, which
may be because I didn't configure the jserv module in apache and the class paths

Can anyone please help? Thanx!


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